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Paint by Number Must Have Items

There are several ways to make your painting better. You can check out this blog on what to do if this is your first time. If it is not your first time, you may want some tips on what you can purchase to make it even better. 

1. Support your painting with an easel. This easel is great because it has an adjustable arm that you can move up or down depending on the size of the art work. It sits on your table top and is not too pricey. 

2. Prime your canvas using gesso. Gesso is a thinner version of acrylic paint that is used to prime canvas so that the paint doesn't get soaked into the canvas. After painting a thin layer, allow it to dry before starting your paint by number project. The item below is clear gesso and will be clear once it's dry, so it will not cover up the existing outlines and numbers. 


3. Upgrade your brushes. Fancy brushes are not necessary but sure are fun to have. These premium brushes come with a nice case so that you can keep it all in one place. There is a set of 12 and have thicker handles, so they are more comfortable to hold. Click HERE to add it to your order.

4. Apply varnish- varnish protects your art from dirt, debris, scratches, and UV rays. These projects take alot of time and it would be a great idea to preserve them!


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