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Completing your first Paint by Number


If it's your first time to do a Paint by Number, you may be confused, scared, or anxious. Just take a deep breath, relax and have fun!

Each kit you purchase comes with everything you will need to complete a painting. The kit comes with the canvas, set of 4 brushes of different sizes, acrylic paint, and a guide. 

The guide will assist you if you paint over the number on the canvas. Sometimes you need to touch up a certain area on the canvas and the guide will help you determine what number it is. 

Here are the steps to complete your first painting:

Step 1: Find a well lit place to sit that is quiet and has enough surface area to spread out your items

Step 2: Grab a small cup of water, filled half way and a towel.  

Step 3: Unroll your canvas and iron the back to get out all of the wrinkles

Step 4: If you purchased a DIY Frame kit, you are welcome to put that together before you start painting. If you want, you can get an easel to hold your frame so that it is easier to paint. This one has an adjustable arm to keep it in place.


Step 5: Try to paint dark colors first. Allow it to dry and then start on another color. This will help prevent smudges on the lighter colors later on. 

Step 6: Dip your brush in the water and dry on the towel often so that it doesn't dry up and ruin the brush. 

Step 7: Refer to your guide to touch up any spots that are not fully covered. 

Step 8: Allow the painting to dry 

Step 9: If you purchased a hanging frame, you can now attach the bars

Step 10: Step back and enjoy your masterpiece!


That's All!

Please email us at if you have any questions or need any assistance. Enjoy your painting!


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